Books Available

  • An Introduction to the Celtic Orthodox Church

     by Fr Leonard Hollands

    Softback, 40 pages, b&w

    £4.99 + £2.01pp = £7.00

  • A Celtic Orthodox Daily Office Book

     Fr Leonard Hollands ed

    Softback coil bound, 168 pages, b&w

    £9.99 + £2.01pp = £12.00

  • An Orthodox Prayer Book

    compiled by Fr Leonard Hollands

    This Prayer is a collection of adapted and simplified offices of the Orthodox Church suitable for daily use by most Christians with an interest in Orthodox spirituality. It is intended for private use rather than public worship. Although the book is primarily for use by a priest, much of the material is suitable for, and easily adapted to use by, lay people in their private prayer life.

    There are, in places, traces of a Western influence. This is especially so in the office of Compline, since the compiler is a Benedictine oblate, and Compline is the office of Unity for Benedictines. It is hoped that this will be accepted with good ecumenical heart.

    Softback coil bound, 90 pages, b&w

    £7.35 + £1.65pp = £9.00

  • Contemplations

    CONTEMPLATION - a spiritual journey in images and words    

    by Sally Davies and Leonard Hollands

    Photo-artist Sally Davies has provided 12 stunningly beatiful images and Leonard Hollands has written a thoughtful short prose poem to accompany each of them.  A love and respect for the beauty of Creation shines through this beautifully presented book.  A source of inspiration and a perfect gift.

    Large format Softback, 31 pages, full colour

    £11.95 + £2.55pp = £14.50

  • Green Lanes and Kettle Cranes

    by Dominic Reeve, illustrated Beshlie

    With an honesty that has always been the hallmark of his writing Dominic Reeve shares with us how, unbeknown to his parents, he exercised for several years "controlled" truancies (achievable in the lax atmosphere of war-time schools) and was befriended by a Romani family on the other side of town. He felt more at home with them than with his own family, and so the foundation was laid for his itinerant life, first alone, and then with the charismatic and multi-talented Beshlie, who remains his lifelong partner.

    Softback, 184 pages, b&w £9.99 + £2.01 p&p = £12.00

  • Romany Road - Life on Wheels

    ROMANY ROAD - Life on Wheels by Beshlie

    Beshlie is well known for her delightful books with their sensitive illustrations of wildlife as observed in her itinerant life with her husband Dominic Reeve, whose books she has also illustrated.

    We have waited a long time for this new book. Its title was conceived forty odd years ago, and the book mostly written and illustrated in the 1960's and 70's. In this book Beshlie gives us a true insight into the Romany Life, not as an "armchair gypsy", but as a Traveller herself.  Her frustration at those who write about 'Gypsy Life', or paint Gypsy scenes, without knowledge and understanding of the subject is clear. Beshlie, on the other hand, is writing of and drawing the very life she lives and experiences.

    The illustrations included in this book are but a fraction of the artwork Beshlie has produced, and it is intended to publish a complimetary volume in full colour showing much more of her work.  SSSSS

    Soft-back 189 pages, b&w

    £9.99 plus £2.01 pp = £12.00

  • The Gypsy Piano Tuner

    and other Romani stories

    by Janna Eliot

    An anthology of very readable short stories about Romani people in a variety of situations in different countries.  There is humour and there is pathos, but through it all shines the courageous spirit of this marginalised yet proud people.

    Softback, 103 pages, b&w

    £7.99 + £2.01 pp = £10.00

  • Romany Road Sketch Book


    by Beshlie

    This is a companion volume to Beslie's successful book, Romany Road.  It provides us with a large number of Beshlie's beautiful illustrations, in colour, all produced in the same period as the book, Romany Road.  There were far too many illustrations to go into the original publication, so here they are presented as a delightful visual insight into the Travellers' life.

    Large format, Softback, 100 pages, full colour.

    £30.00 + £2.50 pp = £32.50

  • Wayfarers All

    by Beshlie, with illustrations by the Author  

    Softback, 130 pages, b&w

    £9.99 + £2.01pp = £12.00

  • Settela

    by Aad Wagenaar.

    English translation by Janna Eliot. Afterword by Ian Hancock.

    Softback, 142 pages, b&w with photos

    £7.99 + £2.01pp       = £12.00

  • Romany on the fells

    by Phil Shelley with Leonard Hollands,
    illustrated by R Leonard Hollands

    Softback, 129 pages, b&w

    £7.99 + £2.01pp = £10.00

  • Romany in the Lanes

    by Phil Shelley.

    Foreword by Terry Waite CBE, illustrations by R Leonard Hollands

    Suitable for older children and adults alike, this nature book by PHIL SHELLEY is generously illustrated in black and white by wildlife artist R LEONARD HOLLANDS. It grows from a fondly remembered series of books by the Methodist minister and naturalist broadcaster, George Bramwell Evens, known as ROMANY (he was part gypsy). Now, "Romany of the BBC" is back with us, 50 years on. Based in his gypsy caravan, he takes us around the countryside opening our eyes to the marvels of nature. As TERRY WAITE says in his Foreword, it is to be hoped that, through this book, many "will be encouraged to take a greater interest in the preservation and development of the natural world."

    Softback, 126 pages, b&w £7.99 + £1.51pp = £9.50

  • Walks with Romany

    by G Bramwell Evens (Romany of the BBC)

    This is a republication of a now extremely scarce book, written by Romany himself.  Originally published in the Series, Broadcast Echoes (which is probably why it never became as well known as Romany's other ten books) it contained a few illustrations.  This edition is liberally illustrated by Leonard Hollands.

    As with all Romany books, we are given enjoyable insights into the ways of birds and animals, and country life as it was in the first half of the twentieth century.  This book is a must for all Romany enthusiasts, and, indeed, for all who are interested in wildlife.

    Softback, 96 pages, b&w

    £7.99 + £2.01 pp = £10.00

  • The Bird Drawings of Brendon J Hollands

    Brendon J Hollands

    compiled by Rev R Leonard Hollands

    A collection of beautifully presented detailed pencil drawings, interspersed with colour photographs, also by Brendon J Hollands.

    Softback, 43 pages, part colour

    £12.95 + £1.05pp = £13.00

  • A Passion for Bird Art

    by R Leonard Hollands

    Here is another absolute must for all bird lovers, and for all collectors of wildlife art.

    The book, printed in sumptuous full colour, presents a substantial collection of the artist's bird art, whilst the text tells of the artist's lifelong passion for his subject, explains something of the practicalities of his art, and entertains the reader with various anecdotes relating to the pursuit of this passion. 

    Softback, 72 pages, full colour

    £21.00 + £3.00pp = £24.00

  • My Sea Eagle Odyssey

    by R Leonard Hollands

    This beautifully printed short book, lavishly illustrated in colour, tells the story of wildlife artist R LEONARD HOLLANDS' quest to paint Sea Eagles, involving much planning and a 600 mile journey to the Island of Mull. A must for bird lovers and art lovers alike.

    Softback, 22 pages, full colour

    £5.95 + £1.25pp = £7.20